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Stories of the Mother Divine from the Puranas have been told and retold for centuries. They are full of beauty and power, filling you with faith in the divine energy that protects and cares for us. Yet, they defy the intellect.

The stories can be written off as a result of the excellent imagination of the ancient Rishis. But, when you know what to look for and how to decode them – the greatest secrets of life and creation unfold like the hidden pearls from the ocean of stories.

Time and again, we have seen both miracles and disasters that are way beyond our intellectual explanation or understanding.

Who is responsible for these?

Who are the Devas and Asuras? Why is the Mother Divine considered to be above them all?

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6 reviews for Parashakti Book

  1. Poonam Dhale


  2. Aparna Sharma


  3. Mrs Asawari Gawade

    Jgd -Giving us opportunity to growth through Hidden Directions!

  4. Karpagavalli

    A deep experience! –
    When kids ask questions about the mythological stories, it is easy for us to shove it away or say, that is how it is and move on… Because, we ourselves do not understand why the Gods and Goddess did such and such a thing.
    As a mother, I find this book very useful to understand and share the meaning behind the magical stories of the Mother Divine with my kid. It is a perfect mix of amazing stories and their practical implication to our daily lives. I loved the book. Definitely grab your copy soon, read and share the stories with everyone!

  5. Hemavathy Ramani

    after hearing from Dinesh Godke, I love to have one for myself

  6. Hemavathy Ramani

    i am interested to have the book

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