Who Is A Guru?

The word ‘Guru’ in Sanskrit means the one that ‘dispels darkness’ or, the one who ‘removes ignorance’.

The Guru is not just the one who teaches you some techniques or show you a path. A Guru helps you to dive deep into your own self and attain your goal. Guru is someone who brings you the inner freedom. The Guru shows you who you are, what your highest possibility is.

The Guru is not to be uncerstood as just someone in the physical body, but is a tattva – a principle, an energy that is all pervading, similar to the self.

It is said in the ancient texts: “Iswaro Gururatmethi murthi-bedha vibhagine”. Meaning, there is no difference between the Guru, the self, and the divine. These three are one – your soul, Guru tattva and God. And none of these three are your (physical) body. You are not just the body – you are the soul, and the form of the soul is like that of space. The same is true for the Guru. The Guru is the field – the energy that is all permeating.

Gurudev often shares a story of a Master who gives his students the task of eating a banana in a place where no one would see them. The story goes like, one student hid under a blanket at night and ate it. Another found a different hiding place, but the third came back without eating the banana. He told the Master that there was no place where he was alone. He felt the presence of the Master with him everywhere.

The Guru principle is present in our lives like space. Like we cannot avoid space, we cannot avoid the Guru tattva as well. When one recognises it, one feels bliss.

Guru is that principle which is wisdom and love, and that is awakened in each one who has stepped on to the path. When you meditate more, you will realize that the Guru is a Tattva, the Guru is a light that is ever glowing and eternal. The Guru is not the (physical) body – The Guru is the divine light that resides within the body; the Guru is love.

A Guru desires nothing from you except your well-being and progress on the path. The Guru takes you beyond intellect to the realm of being – on a journey from the head to the heart.

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