Presence of A Living Spiritual Master

What is it Like Being in the Presence of a Guru

“Yad vaare nikhila nilimpa parishad sidhdhim vidhathe-a-nisham”
– One of the verses in the Guru Puja says “at whose door even the devas assemble day and night, to attain perfection…”

Having an enlightened master in our life is probably the best thing that could happen to anyone.

When a spiritual master enters ones’ life, it is like a blind person who suddenly gets the ability to see. We start seeing life in a completely new dimension. The whole life seems so lively in his presence. In the presence of a spiritual master-

1. Knowledge flourishes

Everything in the creation starts to bring in wisdom. The Guru creates a sense of amazement about everything around. He doesn’t even need to speak a word. Just in his presence, knowledge starts blossoming from within.

In the book, Gurudev On the Plateau of the Peak, Bhanu didi shares a beautiful story about one of the courses that Gurudev took in the initial days, that was in Alaknanda colony in New Delhi. Gurudev doesn’t even speak a word for two days of the course. And when at the end of two days, he asks, ‘How are you feeling now? How are you doing?’ Everyone had had a life changing experience. (Pg. 73.)

In another program, when at the end of it, he speaks knowledge after a long silence, participants would feel that they have already heard what he had to say, just by being in his presence.  Bhanu didi says, ‘Just as the earth is enlivened by the sun – even without the sun doing much – knowledge blossoms in the presence and grace of the master.’ Which is so true in the case of many who have come in his presence.

2. Sorrow diminishes

The moment you meet your Guru, there is a feeling of lightness. Whatever might have bothered you, it just drops in his presence. May be you might have had many problems that you wanted to share with Gurudev. But, by the time, you meet him, it’s all gone and there is no trace of sorrow left.

In life, challenging situations and disturbances might come, but, ‘sorrow’ is something that doesn’t exist in a devotee’s life. This has been the story of many on the path.

3. Without any reason, joy wells up

It is a common scene that many who come and be in the presence of Gurudev, have tears of joy coming down all the way! If you ask them why, they will hardly have a reason to tell for their spurting happiness! They are just chocked with happiness, bliss and gratitude for no reason.

There is such an inexpresible joy and gratitude that comes just in the presence of a spiritual master. This happens almost all the time when devotees meet the Guru. Devotees live life as an expression of happiness and not a pursuit of happiness. In the presence of a master, people do things not for being happy, but because they are happy.

4. Lack diminishes; abundance dawns

There is a total sense of security in the presence of a master; a sense of security that is unparalleled. The love of a mother to her child is said to be the most unconditional love in the world. Even before the child is hungry, the mother keeps the food ready. She knows exactly when what is needed for her child.

The love of a master is said to be 1000 times as that of a mother. Before you even need something, the master anticipates and keeps it ready for you! At any situation in life, even before an issue arises, there is a solution that is ready. Many who have come on the path, have shared, that they have always got more than what they need, well before time. There is no chance left for a sense of lack in a devotee. There is so much abundance in life that all complaints vanish.

5. All talents manifest

A Guru attracts all kinds of people. May be someone is considered dull headed by the society. But the moment he goes to a Guru, his whole personality changes. A Guru does not always choose just intelligent people to be his disciples. But being with a spiritual master, all talents that he/ she would have never dreamt of manifests in him/ her. There are professionals who have become great artistes, students who have performed par excellence, and many introverts who have become such great contributors to the society, which they wouldn’t have dreamt of even in the wildest dreams!

Every devotee who has come to Gurudev and been in his presence would share many stories of how all the above five points have manifested in his life. Gurudev also mentions that, ‘to the degree you feel connected to the Guru, these qualities manifest in your life.’ Being in a master’s presence is a total blessing and when one realises this and feels grateful about the blessing, more grace flows in his life and the grace stories continue to happen in one’s lives!

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